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Why Should a Firm consider entering a PEO?

Several variations of the PEO model exist, differing in the nature of the relationship formed. The primary areas of relationships are based on the PEO’s ability to leverage tens of thousands of employees, build systems to accommodate needs of employers, allowing them to better manage the life cycle of employment. By entering this type of arrangement employers are able to recognize both hard and soft dollar savings while boosting employee morale and retention.

Technology – for applicant tracking, onboarding, single source sign on and bringing a Human Resource operating system to employers that otherwise might not be in a position to even know what they need. A PEO brings technology and systems that allow for an employer to gain access to reporting and analytics that are very difficult to find on their own.

Employee Benefits – Because the PEO becomes legal employer of record or taxpayer employer they are able to sponsor several employee welfare plans. Of most significance today are the groups under 100. In the open marketplace these groups have been subject to new regulations in conjunction with the Affordable Care Act. The size of the PEO’s qualify them as a large employer and they are able to leverage that size to offer significantly more benefit options at quite often better price points. In addition, employers are able to offer “fortune 500” benefit packages to attract and retain quality labor. The eligibility tracking, enrollments, communication, and administration of these plans are shifted to the PEO.

Worker’s Compensation – many PEO’s and insurance companies allow for the WC to be carved out of the co employment relationship. We will evaluate the best option for you. With access to over 500 insurance providers inside the Acrisure, network we will work with your broker to determine the best course of action and the policy that fits your needs. Generally the PEO plan will allow for better pricing because of the volume of business they have inside their own program. This is often the best route as it allows for “pay as you go” options and typically no down payment and reduced audit concerns. This can have a great impact on cashflow.